Playful Evil Shuttle Gun
Playful Evil Shuttle Gun
Features Movable back fin
Size 5"
Toy Guide
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Evil Shuttle Gun was one of the first ThunderCats vehicle released by Playful Toys. The Shuttle Gun did not feature in the original ThunderCats cartoons. It was one of the unique ThunderCats toys that was made by Playful as part of their toyline and thus did not have an LJN counterpart.


1. Battle-Matic Action: Shuttle Guns were small hovercraft type vehicles that were fully armed with side guns. There were two types of Shuttle Guns produced, one for Good ThunderCats and one for Evil Mutants. They were each chromed and had handlebars to allow steering. They had a back fin that moved from side to side and was controlled by the handlebars.

The Shuttle Gun was a small vehicle resembling a hovercraft that was capable of seating one ThunderCats figure (not included). The vehicle had movable guns located at each of its side. The back of the vehicle featured a motorboat-like rudder whose motion was controlled by the handlebars located at the front of the vehicle. The vehicle was painted in a bright chrome color.

Similarly to the LJN Laser Sabers, the Shuttle Guns were also of two types, one was made for the Good ThunderCats and even had a sticker of their logo on them, while the other was created for the Evil Mutants.

The Shuttle Guns were packaged on cards, enclosed in a clear plastic bubble, just like the Playful figures.

Apart from being released as separate vehicles only, the Shuttle Guns were also released as part of a Deluxe Pack in which each Shuttle Gun was packaged along with a figure. This was similar to the LJN Thunderwings Lion-O Deluxe Pack and the LJN Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra Deluxe Pack. The two Deluxe Packs that were released by Playful were:

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