Playful Thunderwings
Playful Thunderwings
Features Flapping Wing action, Holds One Figure
Accessories 2 Wings, Instruction Sheet
Size 7"
Toy Guide
Previous Playful Mutant Fistpounder
Next Playful Good Shuttle Gun

Thunderwings was one of the first ThunderCats vehicle produced by Playful Toys. The vehicle never appeared in any episode of the original 1980s ThunderCats cartoon. The Thunderwings had action features and could hold one ThunderCats figure.

ThunderCats Bullet Point FeaturesEdit

1. Battle-Matic Action: Just like the LJN Thunderwings, the Playful Thunderwings' action feature involved the flapping of its gigantic white wings which was brought on by pushing the blue button located on the top of the toy.

Red Lion-O (1)
Thunderwings Action

ThunderCats Bullet Point AccessoriesEdit

1.Instruction Sheet: The Thunderwings came with an Instruction Sheet which had all the necessary assembly directions along with illustrations.

2.Two Wings: The Thunderwings also came with two white plastic wings which were to be attached to the main chassis.

Thunderwings Wings
Two Wings Instructions

ThunderCats Bullet PointPlayful vs LJNEdit

Despite being largely similar to each other, the wings of the Playful vehicle were made of a slightly translucent white plastic while that of the LJN vehicle were made of opaque white plastic.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Other Variations and ReleasesEdit

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