Rainbow Toys Hovercat
Company Rainbow Toys
Year 1986
Features Turbo Whirl Sound, Adjustable Shield, Gun & Flaps and Retractable Landing Gear, Holds One Figure
Accessories Two handlebars, Two Wing Flaps, WIndscreen, Instruction Sheet
Asst. # 3534
Toy Guide
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Next Rainbow Toys Mutant Fistpounder

HoverCat was one of the first ThunderCats vehicles produced in the second series of ThunderCats toys by Rainbow Toys. The vehicle was based on the original 1980s cartoon version of HoverCat. The HoverCat had action features and could seat one ThunderCats figure.


Battle-Matic Action: The vehicle's main action feature consisted of a giant spinning rotor at its base, similar to its cartoon counterpart. The rotor was controlled by a button located at the rear of the vehicle and pressing it would also result in the HoverCat producing a "Turbo Whirl Sound".

The Hovercat had the capacity to seat only one figure. It's Battle-Matic Action feature did not require any batteries to function.

Battle-Matic Action


1.Two Handlebars: The HoverCat came with two plastic black handlebars which would be fitted onto the left and right side of the vehicle.

2.Instruction Sheet: The HoverCat also came with an Instruction Sheet which had all the necessary assembly directions along with illustrations.

3.Two Wing Flaps: The HoverCat came with two plastic wing flaps which would be fitted onto the left and right side of the vehicle.

4.Windscreen: The HoverCat came with a clear plastic windscreen which would be fitted onto the front of the vehicle.

LJN Hovercat Handlebars
LJN Hovercat Wings
LJN Hovercat Windscreen
Two Handlebars WIng Flaps Windscreen Instruction Sheet

Rainbow Toys vs LJNEdit

The Rainbow Toys HoverCat is identical in every aspect to the LJN Hovercat.

Foreign Variations and ReleasesEdit


LJN Hovercat Loose1
LJN Hovercat Loose2
LJN Hovercat Loose3
LJN Hovercat Loose4
LJN Hovercat Loose5
LJN Hovercat Loose6

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