Rainbow Toys Luna Lasher
Company Rainbow Toys
Year 1987
Features Pounding action, Holds One Figure
Accessories Instruction Sheet
Asst. # 3590
Toy Guide
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Luna Lasher was one of the first ThunderCats vehicles produced in the third series of ThunderCats toyline by Rainbow Toys. This particular vehicle/weapon never made an appearance in any episode of the original 1980s ThunderCats cartoon. The Luna Lasher had action features and could hold one ThunderCats figure (not included).


Battle-Matic Action: The Luna Lasher's action feature involved the rotational swinging and pounding of its two giant mechanical arms which was controlled by a small button located on the back of the toy. The Luna Lasher could fit onto one action figure (not included) and its action feature did not require the use of any batteries.

Battle-Matic Action


1.Instruction Sheet: The Luna Lasher also came with an Instruction Sheet which had all the necessary assembly directions along with illustrations.

LJN Luna Lasher Instructions
Instruction Sheet

Rainbow Toys vs LJNEdit

The Rainbow Toys Luna Lasher is identical in every aspect to the LJN Luna Lasher.

Foreign Variations and ReleasesEdit


Captain Cracker Loose Complete Luna Lasher
Captain Cracker Loose Complete Luna Lasher2

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