Rainbow Toys Tongue-a-Saurus
Company Rainbow Toys
Year 1987
Features Retractable tongue
Accessories Instruction Sheet
Size 14"
Asst. # 3561
Toy Guide
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Tongue-a-Saurus The Tongue-a-saurus was the largest figure produced by Rainbow Toys for their ThunderCats toyline, being almost the same size as the ThunderTank. It was based on the original ThunderCats cartoon series' creature Tongue-a-Saurus. The figure did not require any batteries to operate.

Excluding the playsets and the vehicles, the Tongue-A-Saurus was the biggest figure produced by Rainbow Toys for the ThunderCats toyline. It was almost as long and wide as the Rainbow Toys Thundertank.

The LJN Dealers' Catalog showed pictures of the Tongue-A-Saurus with two claw-like arms at its side. The color of the toy was also considerably darker. The figure that was eventually produced did not have the arms and was a lighter shade of green.

While most of the toys that were produced by LJN were based on their counterparts appearing in the ThunderCats cartoon series, for the Tongue-A-Saurus it was the opposite. The idea for the toy was conceived by the designers at LJN and was submitted to Rankin/Bass who approved the design and it went into production. The character was then featured in the episode Time Switch in a small cameo role in order to familiarize children with it.


Battle-Matic Action: Like many of the LJN ThunderCats toys, the Tongue-a-Saurus figure had its own unique Battle-Matic feature which was its long retractable tongue. The tongue was controlled by a handle which was located at the back of the figure and shaped to look like its tail. Pushing it would cause the tongue to extend. The tongue could then be positioned close to a figure by rotating the handle. Finally pulling the handle would cause the tongue to grab the figure by wrapping around it and pulling it back into the Tongue-A-Saurus's mouth

Tougne-A-Saurus action
Battle-Matic Action


Instruction Sheet: The figure came with an Instruction Sheet which had all the necessary assembly directions along with illustrations.

Instruction Sheet

Rainbow Toys vs LJNEdit

The Rainbow Toys Tongue-a-Saurus is identical in every aspect to the LJN Tongue-a-Saurus.

Foreign Variations and ReleasesEdit


Tongue-a-Saurus Loose
Tongue-a-Saurus Loose

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