Ray Pistol
Ray Pistol
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Ray Pistols are the main weapons used by the Thunderian Guards. The pistols are capable of firing a powerful energy bolt to keep any enemies at bay. The guards use the pistols to guard the Royal Palace of Thundera which is the home of Lion-O and Claudus as well as their pet Kano.

Once when Lion-O accidentally traveled back in time and space and arrived on Thundera just before its destruction, he made his way to the Royal Palace. Upon reaching there he was stopped at the gates by the Royal Guards.

Not believing that the adult standing before them is Lion-O since Lion-O was just a boy in that time, the guards assume that the adult Lion-O must be a Plun-Darrian spy. They fire their Ray Pistols at him but he deflects the shots using the Sword of Omens. The guards recognize the sword as the one used by Jaga. They then allow Lion-O to pass.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

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