Rocks End
Rocks End2
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Kudi
List of all locations

Rocks End is a small area of Third Earth. The region is characterized by rocky outcrops, some of which have caves. The flora growing in the region consists of the deadly Brackenberries as well as plants which produce a certain liquid that can neutralize the poison of the Brackenberries. The cat-like creature Kudi lives in one of the caves in Rocks End.

When WilyKit and WilyKat ran away from Cats Lair, they unknowingly hid in Kudi's cave at Rocks End. Unaware about the deadly Brackenberries, they plucked some and ate them. As a result, the ThunderKittens fell very ill but Kudi arrived just in time and fed them the liquid which neutralized the poison.


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