List of all weapons & other items

The Shifter is a device invented by Vultureman. It is a high-tech piece of equipment and one of Vultureman's many inventions. It has the unique ability to shift the bodies of two individuals, hence its name. When fired, it shoots out a blue beam which encircles the two targets and swaps their personalities. It can even be programmed to target individuals who are located far away and out of sight.

Vultureman used the Shifter to first switch the bodies of Snarf and Panthro. Then when Slithe and Jackalman did not believe him, he switched their bodies just to make a point. Later on Vultureman swapped the bodies of Lion-O and WilyKat. Finally before the Sword of Omens destroyed the Shifter, it switched the bodies of Vultureman and Monkian.


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