Origin Earth
Group SilverHawks
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Hand gun
Companion Sly-bird
Voice Actor
Voiced by Bob McFadden
Character Guide
Page List of all characters

Commander Stargazer is the mentor of the SilverHawks. His cyborg bird companion is Sly-bird.

A native of Chicago, Stargazer was one of the first intergalactic cops to take charge of keeping peace in the Galaxy of Limbo. He resides in Hawk Haven from where he monitors all the nearby planets.

Stargazer was the first to apprehend Mon*Star and lock him up in Penal Planet 10. However, when the latter escaped along with his gang of villains, Stargazer had to ask for reinforcements to help him recapture Mon*Star and that is when the SilverHawks were created.

His many years of service have made him a bit cranky but he has a kind heart and is one of the best detectives around. For this reason he normally serves as a mentor to the SilverHawks as well as assigning them missions and providing them with valuable info.

SilverHawks Bullet Point Weapons and EquipmentEdit

One of the first cops to undergo cybernetic enhancements, Stargazer has parts of his body replaced with golden bionics, including his left eye.

Since the modifications on Stargazer were done a long time ago, the technology wasn't advanced enough to give him wings, inbuilt lasers or talons like the rest of the SilverHawks. For this reason he relies on external weapons such as a hand gun in combat.

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