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The Stinger is a villainous character in the ThunderCats universe. The character was part human, part robot and part dragonfly. With humanoid arms and head, the hybrid creature wears a helmet and has 6 wings which enable it to fly.

Despite never appearing in any episode of the original 1980s ThunderCats cartoon, the Stinger was released as an action figure by LJN Toys. It was released as part of the sub-line named the "Ram-Pagers" along with the Driller and the unproduced Mad Bubbler.

However, the Stinger did appear in a story in the 1989 ThunderCats UK Annual published by Marvel Comics UK. The story was titled "Past Perils Times Two"and in it, Lion-O and Cheetara are transported back in time to Third Earth's distant past. There Cheetara encounters two children who are being chased by a Stinger. Cheetara saves them, but in so doing attracts the attention of the Mother Stinger. This would imply that the Stigners are a race of creatures that lived on Third Earth in the past.

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