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The Stone Giant is a massive humanoid creature that is built entirely of stone with a tree growing at the top of its head. It lives in a dormant state near the Elephant Village. In its dormant state, the Stone Giant is unrecognizable, looking exactly like one of the rocky cliffs and outgrowths.

The giant is kept in this dormant state by the buzzing noise created by the swarms of flying insects known as Wraiths. The Wraiths live in live in honeycomb hives that they have built in a cave located near the Stone Giant's resting place. The Wraiths frequently raid the Elephants' harvest, something which does not bother the Elephants because they know that the Wraiths are necessary to keep the Stone Giant at bay, even though they often forget this.

However, when the ThunderCats visit the Elephant Village for the first time and see the Wraiths carrying off the Elephants' crops, Lion-O hastily decides to put a stop to this and seals the Wraiths cave using the Sword of Omens.

With the Wraiths silenced, the Stone Giant awakens and starts devouring the Elephant Village, destroying everything in its path. Every time the ThunderCats destroy the beast, it simply regenerates, a power that appears to originate from the tree growing atop its head.

Eventually the Stone Giant is destroyed when WilyKit and the Elephants play loud music, the vibration of which matches the natural frequency of the Stone Giant, causing it to shatter to pieces for good.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

10. Sight Beyond Sight

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point TriviaEdit

  • The Stone Giant is a likely nod to the Rock Giant from the 1980s ThunderCats cartoon series. Both were extremely strong, mindless destructive beings made out of rock who are eventually defeated by simple methods.

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