Sword Chamber
Sword Chamber
Location Cats Lair
Inhabitants ThunderCats
List of all locations

The Sword Chamber is one of the rooms within the ThunderCats' fortress, the Cats Lair. Located on the fifth floor, the Sword Chamber is the room in which Lion-O keeps the Sword of Omens and the Claw Shield when not using them.

The room has a special stand in the center which holds the sword and the Claw Shield. The door the chamber is opened by an ancient secret locking device which involves turning one of the rocks on the wall. Panthro designed the walls and the door of the chamber to be virtually impregnable. Apart from the main door, the only other way to enter the Sword Chamber is via the ventilation air duct.

Sometimes, the other ThunderCats' weapons are also stored in the Sword Chamber.

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