The Ghost Warrior (Book)
The Ghost Warrior book
Format Softcover
Released November, 1985
Published by Random House
Story by Megan Stine and H. William Stine.
Illustrated by Esteban Maroto
Pages 80

The Ghost Warrior was an illustrated softcover ThunderCats storybook that was published by Random House in 1985. This book is a retelling of the ThunderCats episode "The Ghost Warrior", although it also draws material from "The Tower of Traps".

Official BlurbEdit

Here comes Grune the Ghost Warrior! Can you help the ThunderCats defeat him? Hundreds of years ago Grune the Destroyer swept across Third Earth, looting and burning everything in his path. No one was a match for his terrifying power - not even the devil-priest Mumm-Ra, who finally trapped him and sealed him in a tomb. But now someone has opened the tomb, the ghost of Grune is on the loose, and he's just dying to pick up where he left off! The mighty ThunderCats must find Grune and put him back in his tomb, and it's up to you to help them! But beware - enemy Mutants, poisonous bats, and vicious gargoyles await you as you find your fate!

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