The Spear of Azzurra
Format Softcover
Released March, 1986
Published by Random House
Story by Megan Stine and H. William Stine.
Illustrated by Martin Sauri
Pages 64

The Spear of Azzurra was an illustrated softcover ThunderCats storybook that was published by Random House in 1986.

Official BlurbEdit

The Cave of Azzurra is sealed only by an ancient magical spear. Remove it for more than twelve hours and the cave will open - unleashing unspeakable horrors on all of Third Earth. But Lion-O must remove the spear, or the Wilykittens may perish. He vows to return it in time, unaware that deadly terrain, dark Mutant mischief, and a fierce samurai bent on destroying him are just a few of the obstacles that stand in his way...

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