ThunderCats: Dogs of War was a five-part limited comic series by WildStorm Comics.

Publishers SummaryEdit

The 'Cats hold on fans of '80s animation continues! When a vicious gang of warriors known as the Dogs of War threatens to shatter the idyllic peace of Thundera, Lion-O may be forced to call on his old foe Mumm-Ra for aid. Will this union be enough to fend off the pack of heinous hounds?

ThunderCats Bullet Point Related ComicsEdit

The following comics are apart of the ThunderCats: Dogs of War limited series by WildStorm Comics.

Thundercats Dogs of War 1a
Issue 1
Thundercats Dogs of War 2a
Issue 2
Thundercats dogs of war 3a
Issue 3
Thundercats dogs of war 4a
Issue 4
Thundercats Dogs of War 5a
Issue 5

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