ThunderCats - Ho! - Part I
Thundercats Ho - Part I - Title Card
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ThunderCats Ho! - Part I is an episode from the original series of ThunderCats.


Lion-O dreams about the day Thundera died and how he thought he saw three of his countrymen not make it to their ships. Jaga appears when Lion-O awakes to tell him that the Thunderians are not dead but on Third Earth and that Cheetara could tell him more. She does, but she can't pinpoint their exact location - just that it's an island in the ocean. Mumm-Ra is also wise to the new developments and sends the Berzerkers out to capture the Thunderians. The pirates succeed, and Lion-O tries but fails to rescue them off Hammerhand's boat. As the episode ends, Lion-O is in the ocean and boiling alive thanks to volleys of fire from Hammerhand's vessel.


Notable quotesEdit

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