ThunderCats Satchel
Thundercats Satchel
Company Frankel & Roth (Int) Ltd.
Year 1985
Type Stationery
Size 12" x 10"

The ThunderCats satchel was one of the many school-related ThunderCats merchandise that was released in the 1980s. It was made by the "Frankel & Roth" company. The satchel is made of thick black fabric and has a shoulder strap as well as velcro fasteners. The side of the bag was made of red fabric.

The front of the bag had an illustration of Lion-O driving the ThunderTank and battling with Monkian who is piloting the SkyCutter.

The satchel could be used for many purposes but was mainly used as a school bag to carry books and other stationery.

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