Pumm-Ra VHS (Big Box)
Pumm-Ra VHS Big Box
Format NTSC
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Language English
Number of Tapes 1
Released by Family Home Entertainment (f.h.e)
Running Time 22 minutes
Previous ThunderCats Vol.1: Exodus (Big Box)
Next ThunderCats Vol.3: Spitting Image (Big Box)

Official BlurbEdit

From the dark reaches of his ancient and mysterious tomb, the ever deadly and treacherous Mumm-Ra transforms himself into a deceptive ThunderCat-clone in order to convince the THUNDERCATS that he is one of them. Secretly working with the insidioud mutants from planer Plundar, "PUMM-RA" fools almost everyone in his evil plan to capture and destroy the Cats' Lair. However, little Snarf suspect foul play and desperately tries to alert Lion-O to the dangers of this phony puma. A very exciting and action-packed episode, the THUNDERCATS learn that appearances can be deceiving in this epic science fiction saga.


This VHS contained the following episode:

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