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ThunderCubs is the collective name given to some of the ThunderCats when they are returned to their childhood. In this youth stage, the ThunderCats have no memory of their adult life or of the adult Lion-O. The ThunderCats are turned into ThunderCubs on two occasions, both of which are the result of Mumm-Ra's evil scheme in which he drops them in the Canyons of Youth on New Thundera.

The first time happens when the ThunderCats travel to the newly formed New Thundera to rescue the Snarfs who have been enslaved by Mumm-Ra. Being one step ahead of them, Mumm-Ra uses the Mutants to lure the ThunderCats into the Canyons of Youth and immediately, Panthro, Tygra, Cheetara, Snarf and Snarfer are regressed to their childhood. Lion-O is the only one who is not affected as the Sword of Omens forms a protective field around him, shielding him from the effects of the canyons. Later on Lion-O manages to restore the ThunderCubs to their adult state by taking them to the Cave of Time on Third Earth.

The second time also takes place on New Thundera. As Panthro, Tygra, and Cheetara search for the Treasure of Thundera, Mumm-Ra transforms into the "Fog of Despair", picks up the three Cats and drops them into the Canyons of Youth. He then changes into Lion-O and uses the now child Cheetara and her sixth sense to locate the Mirror of Truth. Fortunately the real Lion-O arrives in time and by using the Sword of Omens and the Mirror of Truth, restores the ThunderCubs back to their adult states.

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