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ThunderRacer is one of two smaller vehicles of the ThunderCats. These motorcycle-like two-wheeled vehicles are attached to the sides of the ThunderTank's two front claws.

With a larger back wheel than the front, the ThunderRacers are built for speed and can achieve maximum velocity very quickly. They can each seat only one person inside. They have electronic telescreens which help the driver to drive without actually looking at the road.

Lion-O and Tygra once raced each other in the ThunderRacers. The race was made more dangerous when WilyKat accidentally fired the ThunderTank's missiles at the ThunderRacers. The missiles locked onto the two vehicles but Lion-O and Tygra managed to avoid getting hit by them, with Tygra winning the race to the Elephant Village.

The THunderRacers along with the ThunderTank were eventually destroyed by the Necromechs when they stole the Book of Omens from it.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

10. Sight Beyond Sight

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