ThunderCats: Enemy's Pride 1
Thundercats Enermy's Pride 1
Issue 1 of 5
Released August 2004
Pages 32
Original Price $2.95
Next Thundercats: Enemy's Pride 2

ThunderCats: Enemy's Pride # 1 was the first issue in a five-part limited series by Wildstorm Comics.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

Lie of the Beholder:

When Lion-O begins acting strangely and making reckless decisions, only the ThunderKittens take notice. Unfortunately, no one listens to them — and the ThunderCats are about to discover that their greatest menace may come from within.

ThunderCats Bullet Point CharactersEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point TeamsEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point LocationsEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point Preview Comic PanelsEdit

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