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Thundercats: Enemy's Pride 2/5
Thundercats Enermy's Pride 2
Issue 2/5
Released September 2004
Pages 32
Original Price $2.95
Previous Thundercats: Enemy's Pride 1
Next Thundercats: Enemy's Pride 3

Thundercats: Enemy's Pride # 2 was the second issue in a five part mini-series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

The latest Thundercats miniseries continues as the 'Cats face a threat from within! Lion- O's idea for a Thunderguard seemed like a good one. But now the Thunderians' last line of defense appears to be going on the offense, making enemies out of allies and turning friend against friend. Knowing your king isn't right in the head is one thing; stopping him is another!

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