ThunderCats: Enemy's Pride 5
Thundercats Enermy's Pride 5
Issue 5 of 5
Released December 2004
Pages 32
Original Price $2.95 US
Previous Thundercats: Enemy's Pride 4

ThunderCats: Enemy's Pride # 5 was the final issue in a five-part limited series by Wildstorm Comics.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

Animas Acme:

The thrilling miniseries concludes with the battle to end all battles! What action will WilyKat take against his old friends? And who holds the key to stopping the ThunderGuard and its power-mad leader? Could it really be...Snarf to the rescue?

ThunderCats Bullet Point CharactersEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point TeamsEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point LocationsEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point Preview Comic PanelsEdit

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