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Thundercats: The Return 4
Thundercats the return 4a
Issue 4/5
Released July 2003
Pages 21
Original Price $2.95 US
Previous Thundercats: The Return 3
Next Thundercats: The Return 5

Thundercats: The Return # 4 was the forth issue in a five part mini-series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

Wilykat is finally reunited with his former comrades! Ultilizing his knowledge of Mumm-Ra's Pyramid, he will lead Lion-O and the other heroes into battle against their arch-enemy's forces...but will they be strong enough to overcome the immense obstacles before them? Is all as it seems within the ranks of our beleaguered heroes? Will the Thundercats return to dominance over the entire planet?

ThunderCats Bullet Point Variant CoverEdit

Thundercats the return 4b

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