ThunderCats (UK) - 103
Issue 103
Released 16 December, 1989
Pages 23
Original Price 50p
Previous Thundercats (Marvel UK) - Issue 102
Next Thundercats (Marvel UK) - Issue 104

Thundercats # 103 is a comic book released by Marvel UK and is based on the original cartoon series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

Queen of 8 Legs, part 1 of 2:
Written by Steve Perry

World in Chaos, part 6 of 6:
Written by Simon Furman and Ian Rimmer

Lion-O is losing his fight with Mumm-Ra and urges Slithe to hand over the Sword. Instead of giving it to Lion-O, Slithe simply runs away, leaving the Sword behind. Wilykit is too dazed to help, but luckily Wilykit shows up to help. They soon discover the big Mumm-Ra was an elaborate fake and set off to find the real Mumm-Ra hoping he is still weak.

Kit reminds Lion-O that they have to finish their map before sun down or Third Earth is no more. But Lion-O seeks Mumm-Ra anyway, finally finding him in the field of daggers. He comes to his senses in time to let Mumm-Ra get away in favor of finishing the map, which they do just in time. Jaga is charged with guarding the map forevermore.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Notes of InterestEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point GalleryEdit

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