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ThunderCats (UK) - 050
Issue 50
Released 27 February, 1988
Pages 23
Original Price 35p
Previous Thundercats (Marvel UK) - Issue 49
Next Thundercats (Marvel UK) - Issue 51

Thundercats # 50 is a comic book released by Marvel Comics UK and is based on the original cartoon series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

Berbils HO:
Written by John Freeman
Art by Martin Griffiths, Simon Coleby, Glibadzis & Stuart Place

The Berbils are tired of being attacked and since they know the Thundercats can't guard them around the clock, they build a giant likeness of themselves called the Berbillion. When Lion-O goes to collect some Berbil fruit, the Sword makes the Berbillion react and it is soon out of control. Lion-O has to destroy it and most of the village to save everyone.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Free GiftEdit

ThunderCats Bullet Point Notes of InterestEdit

  • The story title 'Berbils Ho' was a play-on-words from the phase 'ThunderCats Ho', which was frequently used by the ThunderCats in the original television series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Preview GalleryEdit

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