ThunderCats (UK) - 074
Issue 74
Released 13 August, 1988
Pages 23
Original Price 38p
Previous Thundercats (Marvel UK) - Issue 73
Next Thundercats (Marvel UK) - Issue 75

Thundercats # 74 is a comic book released by Marvel UK and is based on the original cartoon series.

ThunderCats Bullet Point SummaryEdit

Bad playmates, part 3 of 4:
Written by James Rose
Art by Jose Delbo, Dave Simons, Rick Parker, Petra Scotese

Continueing on from this previous issue, Snarf was right when he said that the blue-eyed Thunderkittens were not really WilyKit and WilyKat, but Thunderdecoys. The decoys deliver a message from Slithe, that he is holding the twins and wants ransom for their safe return within one hour. A dilemma ensues, in which Lion-O is torn between concern for the Thunderkittens' safety and the morality of paying Slithe a ransom. One hour later, Lion-O and Panthro go to Slithe with the ransom, but little does the Mutant know that he is being watched from a tree by Cheetara!

Written by Steve Alan

Mumm-Ra is rumbling around his pyramid when Slitherweed the Many-Legged, a lesser ancient spirit of evil, appears from out of the black waters of the cauldron. Slitherweed informs Mumm-Ra that the time of Geddontide is upon him, when his six brothers will return to claim vengence on him for exiling them to the winds of time, led by his father, Shapeshade. All this is revealed to Snowman at the Cave of the Vortex and after hearing this, he departs to tell the Thundercats. Mumm-Ra meanwhile is trying to put together a spell to keep Geddontide at bay. He fails and his father appeears, none too pleased to see him.

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