Thundercats - Annual 1986 was an annual released by Marvel UK and is based on the original cartoon series.

Story SummaryEdit

Survival Run!:
Written by David Micheline Art by Art by Mooney, Breeding & Scotese

Panthro exploring Third Earth for Thundrillium, when he unexpectedly has to come to the aid of a young Warrior Maiden, Tessa. He rescues her, but not without getting trapped in a cave with the ThunderTank too low on power to help them get out. Meanwhile, Lion-O is warned by the Sword of Omens about Panthro's troubles and in a rash decision, rushes off to help by himself. Unfortunately, he runs into his own troubles - Panthro and Tessa end up solving their problem without the young Lord's help. Panthro escorts Tessa back to the Tree Top Kingdom and is revered by the women for his bravery. Elsewhere, Lion-O is having a discussion with Jaga's ghost when the wise one inexplicably disappears in a flash or red light...

Tears of Sunrise:
Written by David Micheline Art by Art by Mooney, Breeding & Scotese


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