List of all weapons & other items

Thunderscope is a telescope like device of Thunderian origin. It was crafted by ancient Thunderians to locate lost countrymen and their belongings during the great migration that led to the original settlement on Thundera. When viewed through the Thunderscope, anything of Thunderain origin, be it people or objects, glows brightly. This property makes it invaluable in helping to locate various lost items such as the Treasure of Thundera.

The Thunderscope was discovered by Snarf near the wreck of the ThunderCats' Flagship. Before he and Lion-O could take it back with them, they were ambushed by Mumm-Ra who took the device with him, hoping to use it to find the missing pieces of the Treasure of Thundera before the ThunderCats. Fortunately, Lion-O was able to wrest it back from him and take it with him to the Tower of Omens.


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