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The Tigers are one of the numerous animal species to dwell on the planet of Third Earth. These anthropomorphic tigers have orange skin and fur with black stripes, just like ordinary tigers. There are many sub-species of tigers in the clan such as Javan and Caspian Tigers. One characteristic and biggest flaw of all the Tigers is their pride. Because they live in a cold environment, the Tigers wear very heavy, furred clothes.

It is not known where the Tigers truly originated from. Centuries ago, Tigers were one of the many animal species that were under Mumm-Ra’s dominion. While most of the other animals were imprisoned as slaves aboard Mumm-Ra’s massive spaceship, doing menial labor and treated badly, the Cats were given high-ranking positions due to their cunning nature, which Mumm-Ra found useful.

While the Lions served as commanders on the ship, the Tigers were in charge of Mumm-Ra’s army and served as captains who would lead the animals to various planets to search for the Power Stones which Mumm-Ra craved for. Captain Tygus was Mumm-Ra’s main military leader and an ace pilot.

When the other animals rebelled against Mumm-Ra and eventually brought about his downfall, the Tigers chose to remain loyal to him. For this reason, they were ostracized by all the other animals and forced to live in the fiercely snowy mountain tops of Third Earth. The clan thrived for many years until they were hit by an unknown disease which killed many of them. In desperation, the Tigers turned to dark magical forces for help. The invoked the Ancient Spirits of Evil, Mumm-Ra’s old masters, to help them. The spirits agreed but in exchange demanded the sacrifice of the clan’s heir. Unable to kill his newborn son, the head of the Tiger Clan, Javan, sent the infant Tygra away in a hot air balloon and he was eventually found and adopted by Claudus and his wife. Enraged at this, the Ancient Spirits placed a curse on the clan, causing them to turn into Shadow Creatures every night.

Many years later, Lion-O and Tygra accidentally come upon the Tiger Clan and learn their history from Javan. Caspin, wanting to remove the curse, tries to kill Tygra, but is stopped and killed in the process by Javan. As evening falls the Tigers, including Javan, turn into Shadow Creatures and attack Tygra and Lion-O. Tygra, who was initially angry at his father for abandoning, forgives him after learning the truth. This act of humility from the normally proud Tiger breaks the curse. Javan and the other Tigers return to their normal form before disappearing, their souls finally free. Tygra thus remains the last living member of the Tiger Clan.

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17. Native Son

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