Time Capsule
Time Capsule
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The Time Capsule is an optical projector which contains the entire history of the ThunderCats and their planet of Thundera. The opto-crystal has a visual recording of all the events taking place on Thundera until the time of its destruction.

The ThunderCats took the Time Capsule with them when they fled Thundera but it was lost on Third Earth when their Flagship crashed. The ThunderCats eventually managed to locate it in the possession of a Cavemen and after winning an arm wrestling match with the brawny being, Lion-O claimed the capsule.

Once Lion-O stepped into the beam of the Time Capsule as it was projecting an image of Thundera and the capsule reacted with the Eye of Thundera, transporting Lion-O back in time and space to the day before the destruction of Thundera.

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