Origin Unknown
Group The Mob
Weapons & Accessories
Voice Actor
Voiced by Larry Kenney
Character Guide
Page List of all characters

Timestopper is a teenager with the ability to freeze time. He is the youngest member of Mon*Star's Mob.

With a head full of ruffled orange hair and a face full of freckles, Timestopper may look like a normal 14 year old kid, but he is a dangerous adversary, especially when manipulated by someone as evil as Mon*Star.

Timestopper wears a digital clock on his chest. When he activates it, it counts down from ten and when it reaches zero, it stops time for one Limbo minute. During this time, he can choose who or what he wants to freeze. After the Limbo minute is over, Timestopper must restart time otherwise his clock would explode.

Timestopper's one and only weakness is his fear of the dark. Also his clock cannot function in total darkness. He also wears a jet pack on his back which allows him to travel speedily from place to place.

SilverHawk Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

05. Stop Timestopper

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