Tower of Traps
Thundercat comic US 17
Issue 17
Released November 1987
Pages 32
Original Price $1.00
Writer(s) Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Penciler(s) Jose Delbo
Inker(s) Al Williamson
Colourist(s) Petra Scotese
Letterer(s) Ron Zalme
Editor(s) Don Daley & Tom DeFalco
Previous The Queen of Eight Legs (US Comic)
Next Pumm-Ra (US Comic)


When Wilykit and Wilykat rescue a local villager from a horde of gargoyles they soon find themselves on a quest to discover the mysteries and dangers that lie within the foreboding Black Tower.


This comic was based on the episode "The Tower of Traps", by Leonard Starr.

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