Tygra's Laboratory
Tygra's Laboratory
Location Cats Lair
Inhabitants ThunderCats
List of all locations

Tygra's Laboratory is one of the rooms within the ThunderCats' fortress, the Cats Lair. This room is the one where Tygra conducts various experiments to help the ThunderCats.

Like all laboratories, it is teeming with a hoard of chemicals, flasks, test tubes and various other devices. Tygra's extensive knowledge of chemicals and their properties allows him to handle dangerous chemicals and create something useful out of them.

When the ThunderCats were shrunk down to a mere four inches by Vultureman's Miniaturization Gas which he used the Wolfrat to administer, Tygra was able concoct an antidote for it in his laboratory.

The ThunderCats also develop and test new fuel sources in this same laboratory, as shown in the episode Return of the Driller.

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