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Licensed Properties ThunderCats

Unitoys (Industrias UNITOYS, c.a.) was a toy manufacturing company based in Venezuela.

With the popularity of ThunderCats growing in South America in the mid 1980s, Telepictures Corporation started licensing various South American Toy manufacturers to produce and distribute the ThunderCats toys in their respective countries. While Playful Toys handled production and distribution in Argentina, and Glasslite Toys managed the Brazilian market, Unitoys were contracted to produce toys for the Venezuelan market.

Interestingly, Unitoys did not make their own molds, instead they acquired molds for the ThunderCats toys from Playful, after the Argentinian company had completed its production. The company made the standard 6 inch figures, some role-play toys, and a line of miniature figures. They never produced any vehicles or playsets.

ThunderCats Bullet Point 6 Inch FiguresEdit

The 6 inch figures had considerably different paint applications than the LJN Toys. And unlike LJN who produced a large number of different ThunderCats figures, Unitoys only made four.

  • Lion-O (Leon-O)
  • Cheetara
  • Mumm-Ra
  • Jackalman (Chacalo)

ThunderCats Bullet Point Miniature FiguresEdit

The Miniature figures used the same molds as those used by Kidworks Toys to make their line. The only difference being Lion-O who was a completely different design. Just like the 6 inch line, the color application on these miniature figures was also markedly different than the Kidworks figures. Unitoys also produced three figures which were unique to their line and were never produced by any American or European toy companies. These figures were Snarf, WilyKit (Felina), and WilyKat (Felino). Towards the end of the production run, many of the miniature figures were released without any paint application on them.

  • Lion-O (Leon-O)
  • Cheetara
  • Tygra (Tigro)
  • Panthro
  • Wilykat (Felino)
  • Wilykit (Felina)
  • Snarf
  • Tuska Warrior
  • Hachiman
  • Mumm-Ra
  • Ssslithe (Reptilio)
  • Reptilian Warrior
  • Jackalman (Chacalo)
  • Monkian (Mandrilo)
  • Ratar-O
  • Vultureman (Vulture)
  • Grune the Destroyer.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Role-Play ToysEdit

Unitoys also produced four child-size role-play toys. These weapons and accessories were based on their appearance in the cartoon series

  • Sword of Omens
  • Shield
  • Claw Shield
  • Mask

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