List of all weapons & other items

The Varicannon is the most powerful weapon found on the Ratstar. It is a large cannon which is fitted to the bottom of the Ratstar. The Varicannon is capable of shooting extremely powerful energy bolts which can destroy or paralyze both living beings as well as other vehicles.

The Varicannon is what makes Ratar-O's ship such a dangerous vehicle and even the mighty Panthro fears this weapon. Once during an encounter between the Ratstar and the ThunderTank, one blast from the Varicannon was all it took to severely damage the ThunderCats' vehicle.

When the Ratstar was damaged by the ThunderCats, Jackalman stole the Varicannon from the wreck of the ship and stowed it for his own use. He then utilized the cannon when he went rogue and formed his own army.


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