Voice Imitator
Voice Imitator
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The Voice Imitator is a special megaphone-like gadget that was invented by Vultureman. The gadget had the ability to modify any person's voice speaking into it into another person's voice perfectly.

When first testing it, Vultureman used it to mimic Mumm-Ra's voice and trick Slithe. He then put his devious plan to destroy the ThunderCats into action. First he mimicked Tygra's voice to lead the ThunderKittens into the dangerous Vortex. He then used the Voice Imitator to produce Snarf's voice and lure Cheetara into the Giant Beehive. Finally he used the device to imitate Cheetara's voice and trap Tygra in a pit with a Giantor.

Fortunately, the ThunderCats were able to overcome their predicaments and use the Voice Imitator to cause the Mutants Slithe, Monkian and Jackalman to crash their vehicles into each other. The ThunderCats then took the device with them.

ThunderCats Bullet Point AppearancesEdit

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