Yukimatsu Ito
Role animator
Country Japan
Other Works Cobra the Animation, God Mazinger
Page List of all Cast & Crew

Yukimatsu Ito (Yukimatsu Itô) is a Japanese animator and director who worked at the Japanese animation company known as "Pacific Animation Corporation (PAC)", which was headed by Masaki Iizuka

Itô started working in the animation field in the early 1980s. He worked on a few Japanese animated cartoons as animator and director. In the mid 1980s, he joined the newly formed PAC, which handled almost all of the animation duties of the various Rankin/Bass cartoons.

Among the Rankin/Bass productions that Itô worked on was ThunderCats

After ThunderCats wrapped up, Itô didn't do much work in the animation field. In 2010 however, he worked a as storyboard artist on the TV Series, "Cobra the Animation".

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